Custom Greenhouses

Shed Gal works with the best manufacturer in the country for steel-frame greenhouse buildings and they come in all shapes and sizes. Because our greenhouse kits are fully customizable, you can decide what you want to grow, how much space you’re going to need, and (thanks to our easy assembly greenhouse kits), DIY the construction all on your own – even if you’re a beginner.

Our consultants have developed deep knowledge of the greenhouse market and use that knowledge to help you design exactly the custom greenhouse kit you need, no matter your climate, conditions or goals.

While we can help you design anything from backyard greenhouse sheds to very large greenhouses, for the custom greenhouses we focus primarily on the production garden greenhouse market for use as both hydroponic and non-hydroponic grow facilities. Our steel framing and polycarbonate paneling are extremely heavy-duty and built to last, so your plants are safe from the elements, moisture, and structural failure.

Why DIY a Steel Greenhouse?

Experienced growers know that a greenhouse is one of the best ways to encourage plants to thrive. You can give your plants the highest quality soil possible, but without the right climate, they will still struggle. Moisture, light, and warmth are essential for plant growth, as is protection from creatures that may want to eat the plants and weather that may damage them. That means controlling a plant’s environment is the most effective way to control its growth.

Some growers begin their greenhouse journeys with a portable walk-in greenhouse or tunnel greenhouse made of PVC piping and flexible polyethylene sheeting, like those from Outsunny or GrowIt. These models provide a bit of shelter for their plants, but don’t do a great job of controlling temperature or keeping the elements outside. That’s when growers start thinking about how to take things to the next level and look into a DIY greenhouse from us.

Because galvanized steel frame buildings are well-known for their ability to regulate and stabilize internal temperatures, and polycarbonate (a transparent thermoplastic) is well-known for its strength and ability to diffuse light and heat, a steel and polycarbonate greenhouse is an excellent choice for greenhouse buildings. These steel buildings surpass the strength of basic, freestanding aluminum greenhouses with all the benefits.

A greenhouse steel frame combines with polycarbonate panels to let in more light than you’d get with a wood-framed glass greenhouse, because a metal greenhouse allows for a much wider clear span than you’d get with traditional wood. That means more sunlight reaches the plants, encouraging humidity within the space and photosynthesis in the plants.

Our greenhouse metal building kits are also an excellent choice for beginners because the framing allows you to start with a small greenhouse and expand the structure easily as your garden house needs to accommodate more and more foliage.

Steel Frame Greenhouse Kit Durability

Because our greenhouse kit columns and frame materials are made from 100% stainless steel, they are not susceptible to wood rot, pests, or moisture damage like conventional construction greenhouse structures. Our production greenhouses and grow houses are tailored to your specific needs, so no matter what you’re growing, you can rest assured that your greenhouse is built to last.

Even though a greenhouse kit is made of less stainless steel than a typical steel building because its sheeting is polycarbonate, your greenhouse structure’s steel frame material is heavy-duty enough to handle whatever the environment throws at it. When you want your growing seasons to last, a steel greenhouse frame is the way to go.

Plus, all our custom steel greenhouses come with a 50-year warranty, so you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time.

Versatility of our DIY Metal Greenhouse Designs

Whether you’re expanding your commercial greenhouse or just starting to explore the world of hobby greenhouse growing, you know how important sunlight is to your growing space.

The Shed Gal clear span design allows wider column spacing than the standard 5′-6′ spacing, giving you more clear cover space and allowing more light into your greenhouse.

We supply complete framing kits allowing you to use the solid or transparent panels of your choice. We can also coordinate directly with our polycarbonate panel supplier, allowing for a more complete package.

Plus, our buildings are truly customizable, no matter what you’re looking to DIY. From hobby greenhouses and backyard greenhouses to commercial garden greenhouses, from portable greenhouses to large walk-in greenhouses, the Shed Gal team can help you custom-design greenhouse features for the growing space you need.

All our custom kit metal frame buildings are available in a gabled, single slope, or asymmetrical roof design with options to add a lean-to, overhangs, or gutters. Main frames can be supplied galvanized or painted with a choice of secondary framing in galvanized tubing, cees, or wood. Greenhouse entrance options include zippered doors and roll-up doors that can be left open when the weather is right, allowing fresh air to circulate when necessary and sealing to preserve the interior environment year-round.

Because a steel frame building kit is more cost effective than traditional construction, many of our customers are thrilled to learn they can afford more than the mini greenhouse they’d resigned themselves to. The extra square footage you get with a Shed Gal building kit means you can design a true walk-in garden greenhouse, giving you easy access to all your plants and seedlings.

And here’s a little secret – our DIY greenhouse kits aren’t just for greenhouse growing space. If you’re looking for a sunroom for your home, you can work with us to design a steel-frame structure with polycarbonate sheeting to attach to your house. From there, you can even hide the structure’s more typical greenhouse features by paneling sections of it in wood.

At Shed Gal, our building kits are truly customizable – to the benefit of greenhouse plants and their owners.

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