Agricultural Barns

If you are considering adding a structure to your agricultural property, opt for a steel barn from The Shed Gal. Metal barn buildings are a great way to save money on the project while still gaining the ample indoor space you need to keep things running smoothly. Explore our prebuilt designs below or build a custom structure today.

Agricultural Barn Styles

Shed Gal offers three different roof styles for you to choose from.

Step-Down Roof

Rounded Roof

Single Pitch Roof


Metal Verses Wooden Barns

Traditional barns made of wood may be the first thing to come to mind when you think of a farm building. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing a metal barn building over a wooden barn:


 A metal barn is less expensive than a traditional wooden barn. There are savings to be found both in terms of materials and labor.

Traditional or Modern Look

In today’s era, we have the materials and technology available to replicate the traditional wooden barn using galvanized steel. Or, we can create a more modern look to better suit your needs.


For our farmers out there in the agricultural industry, they can all agree that they have a lot of unique needs when it comes to their structures. One key advantage of steel barns is the ability to easily customize the building to meet your varied needs.

Less Maintenance

Save money and time with a metal structure, which can reduce the need for regular maintenance.

Built To Last

Our metal barns are built to last. They are not prone to rot, decay and insect problems like traditional wooden barns.

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Need more space?

Add A Lean-To

One of the main advantages when it comes to steel barns is the ability to create additional space with a lean-to or awning. Lean-tos are single slope metal structures that can be attached to the main unit, giving it the typical barn style. Here are just a few benefits of adding a lean-to to your barn:

  • Extra space. One of the advantages of a lean-to is the extension of storage spacing.
  • Open or enclosed. You can fully enclose each lean-to or simply keep it open with only the roof. Either way, you can provide the shade you need for your livestock or keep your farm equipment protected.
  • Roll up doors and windows. Can you add roll-up doors and windows to the lean-tos? Absolutely! Once enclosed, you can add as many features as you need.

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