What benefits come from owning a structure from Shed Gal?

Shed Gal is your ONE-STOP metal building shop. We represent the top steel manufacturers across the country, and we do the work for you to find the best deal on the building that you want and need. All metal buildings are custom quoted for your unique installation address. It is important to know that prices vary greatly by installation address due to snow and wind load requirements. We do the backend work before we throw out a price to ensure that you are receiving an accurate price. We provide detailed estimates for metal building projects tailored to your specific requirements. Our team considers every detail, from design to extra features like doors and windows. Installation is included in our pricing for carports and most steel buildings. For airplane hangars, barndominiums, horse arenas and large specialty buildings, you can use your own contractor for installation, or we will assist with setting up a contractor in your area for building construction, as well have a network of over 200 nationwide. Carport and metal building kits are available through Shed Gal in many areas. At Shed Gal, we believe in preventing issues and work hard to always provide the most up to date information.

What roof style is best for me?

  • Standard Roof – The standard style is a very common roof style which has rounded corners, and the metal runs horizontally (front-to-back) it is the same price as our boxed eave option. The panels may trap leaves, snow, and other debris in severe weather conditions, also water may seep in through the seams and over time can rust behind the ribs where moisture can build up. We do not recommend this style on buildings longer than 30′.
  • A-Frame/Boxed Eaves Roof – The Boxed Eave roof style is very common, it has an A-Frame roof, and the metal runs horizontally (front-to-back). The panels may trap leaves, snow, and other debris in severe weather conditions, also water may seep in through the seams and over time can rust behind the ribs where moisture can build up. We do not recommend this style on buildings longer than 30′.
  • Vertical Roof – The Vertical style is best-looking carport and the strongest. More metal is used for constructing the roof thus automatically giving you a sturdier carport. The metal runs vertically allowing debris and snow to slide off which keeps moisture from building up and causing rust over time. This allows a much longer life span of your metal roof.

How should I prepare my building site for my structure or greenhouse?

Prior to the delivery of your building, it is crucial to ensure your site is flat, level and firm. We recommend the ground be level within 3″ front to back and side to side. Improperly prepared sites may delay the setup or construction of your structure and result in additional fees.

Does Shed Gal handle grading and concrete?

We do not do site grading or concrete. If you choose to have your building on concrete, we recommend our customers work with a grading and concrete company and have concrete poured at least 2 weeks before your building installation date.

Does my steel building come with anchors?

Our steel buildings come with either rebar anchoring or concrete anchors. We recommend the upgrade option of purchasing our certified auger-style anchors.

How long does it take until my steel building is installed or delivered?

Depending on the complexity of your building and installation address, installation time can run anywhere from 2 to 16 weeks, depending on the manufacturer and weather conditions. Shed Gal will provide you with current information on installation and/or delivery dates at the time you receive your quote. If a permit is needed, the installation time begins once you have received your permit.

Are your structures habitable?

Many companies advertise steel and metal homes packages, when in fact they are offering wood framed buildings with steel sheet metal siding, or a standard steel building that you will need to frame your home inside of. Not all steel buildings will give you the cost savings or advantages when used as a home. Shed Gal offers a high-quality steel tube leg building specifically designed for homes and barndominiums. We offer the highest quality habitable steel buildings on the market. We believe in preventing permitting issues by representing our buildings for what they are in every situation.

Do you handle permitting?

Our Shed Gal team will provide you with generic engineered drawings, at no cost, for your project if you are getting a permit. In certain situations, site-specific engineered drawings may be required due to the county or city and/or size of building. The price of site-specific drawing is determined by the building style and size and the cost is the responsibility of the customer. All permitting is the responsibility of the customer. You should always check with your local building inspector before buying a building from us, or any other steel build manufacturer.

Will mold or mildew form on a steel building?

Mold and mildew will not form on steel buildings. There are three things required to grow mold and mildew; mold spores, moisture, and organic material which provide food for mold growth. Steel does not contain any organic materials.

How can I insulate my steel building?

There are several insulation solutions available, including everything from fiberglass insulation to spray foam. Each type can be designed to give you the R-values you want. Insulation is offered by many of the manufacturers we work with.

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