Airplane Hangers

At the Shed Gal we understand the importance of protecting your investment in your commercial aircraft, as well as the attachment you may have to your private aircraft. Avoiding damage from Mother Nature and simple depreciation from exposure is key, which means aircraft storage is key. Now it’s time to place that same attachment on your aviation building … without the large investment.

We know that if you want something done right, you sometimes need to do it yourself. That includes building and maintaining a steel airplane hangar. That’s why we manufacture our prefabricated airplane hangar kits in our own facility. It’s also why we encourage flight enthusiasts to take on their metal airplane hangar building project themselves, from design to build.

The Shed Gal’s hangar manufacturer has decades of experience building the highest quality metal aircraft hangars, and your understanding of exactly what building size, customizations and hangar door options will work best for your aircraft, you’ll be the proud owner of a prefab hangar that can withstand elements like heavy snow and winds to keep your prized aircraft safe for years.

When you work with us, you’ll understand that we don’t just design another metal garage and call it a hangar. Our consultants are experienced in the requirements for all types of hangars, from single aircraft storage and t-hangars. Whether you have a single hobby glider, recreational private aircraft, or a fleet of commercial airliners, we produce the strongest steel and metal buildings available and have never experienced any aircraft damage due to steel building failure.

We work with clients in all 50 states, designing and producing the ideal steel aircraft hangar kits for a wide variety of applications. Our 50-year warranty gives our clients peace of mind knowing their aircraft is protected by our state-of-the-art aviation buildings.

Customized Aircraft Hangers

No two pilots are the same … Why should their hangars be the same? If you can dream it, the Shed Gal team can make it a reality with our versatile hangar building kits.

While many airplane hangar manufacturers offer one or two designs with stock options, we can help you customize your hangar design just how you want it. Your new steel hangar kit can be designed to accommodate any type of aircraft, thanks to our wide range of door options, as well as adapted to incorporate living quarters or be built as a part of another building type – even an entire metal home.

Plus, because our metal building kits are incredibly easy to modify, you can always expand your square footage down the line if your fleet of aircraft ever increases, or if you want your steel airplane hangar to play double-duty.

If you’re looking to build a larger collection of hangars, the Shed Gal offers building kits for multi-aircraft hangars, as well. We can design storage for personal aircraft fleets, military installations, airport operations, farm aviation and more. With customizable door options and adaptable layouts, our hangar designs can meet requirements for any building type.

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