Commercial Buildings

Getting your business its own building is a major step for business owners. If you’re ready to take it, congratulations! The Shed Gal Specialty Buildings team wants to help you do it right.

That means considering commercial metal buildings for your business rather than traditional wood. Conventional construction is expensive for a new building project, and buying an existing building means you’re stuck with whatever worked for whoever occupied it last. Neither is ideal for a growing business. A more effective solution can be a custom-designed, prefab commercial steel building. Our steel building kits are manufactured to suit your needs on our precise jigs and come with a 50-year warranty. We can produce the ideal building for your business at a lower cost than conventional construction.


Many people think that steel buildings only come in one shape – square, like an old-school metal garage or pole barn. In reality, modern commercial metal buildings can come in just about any shape and size you need. No matter if you’re looking to develop a new office building, put up a retail location, looking for storage buildings to house your commercial landscaping equipment or need a hybrid that offers office space and warehouse storage in one, Shed Gal can design a steel commercial building to fit your needs.


Commercial metal buildings are cost-effective in terms of both time and money. Not only can you save time when building a prefab commercial steel building, but steel buildings can be more economical than conventional construction. Due to their durable building materials and reduced construction labor costs, steel often means reduced building prices for commercial projects.


When your structure is constructed using sturdy steel framing and materials, you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s built to withstand the test of time. Between Mother Nature and daily wear and tear, steel structures are ideal for buildings that really need to be durable and long-lasting. This is especially true when you choose Shed Gal, as we are committed to using the best manufacturer in the country that only uses the finest quality building materials available, ensuring that your building not only meets but exceeds the required building codes and standards.


We’re happy to help you customize your building system just the way you want it. Your new commercial or industrial steel building design is your own, and can be outfitted with just about any door, window, roof style, or feature you want, no matter the building type. Whether you’re building an industrial warehouse, golf cart barn, auto repair facility, brewery, office or any other application, Worldwide Steel Buildings can create a custom metal building to your specific business needs. We’ve got a bunch of cool color options too.

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